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Conform to OSHA requirements

Three Port Valve Relieves downstream pressure.

Lockable in the closed position.

OSHA standard (Occupational Safety and Health Administration Department of Labor)
For safety control, OSHA rule requires energy sources for certain equipment be turned off or disconnected and that the device either be locked or labeled with a warning tag.

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Air Filters, Regulators, Lubricators, Gauges and Accessories

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Quick Fittings
Can be used with nylon, soft nylon, polyurethane and polyethylene tubing. Max operating pressure 150 psig. Ambient and media temperature 32-140F. Threads are NPT unless otherwise noted.
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Hand Operated Air Valves
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Solenoid valves are the key items for automation. Check out our great lines of solenoid valves by SMC and Mindman Pneumatics.

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SMC Air Cylinders

SMC actuators are available in linear, guided, rotary, gripper and specialty styles. Each series comes with a full complement of options. For those not listed, please inquire.

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End of arm grippers in angular, parallel, and centric styles.
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Flow Controls (Speed Controls) for Pneumatic Actuators
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Silencers (Mufflers) Reduce the noise level generated when a valve shifts air pressure to an exhaust port.
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SMC ITV Electronic Air Pressure Regulators
ITV1050, ITV2050, and ITV3050
Easy to Read LED Display
Zero and Span adjustment is possible with no air pressure
Plug-in Wiring with removable Cable (Sold Separately).
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Foot Pedal Valves and Foot Switches

Pneumatic Foot Operated Valves
Foot Switches

Ball Valves Image

Ball Valves

2-Way and 3-Way Ball Valves for Pneumatic and Low Pressure Hydraulic Use.
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Floating Joints
These floating joints (aka alignment couplers) fit on the end of pneumatic cylinders to protect against cylinder misalignment and to align deflected loads. The compact design allows for high loading, and up to 5 degree misalignment. Sealed and pre-lubricated for long life. Not suitable for rotation operations.

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Quick Exhaust (Quick Dump) Valves

Quick Exhaust Valves speed up actuators by dumping the exhaust air right at the cylinder port, rather than routing it back through the directional valve.
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Fluid: Air
Proof pressure: 217 psi
Maximum operating pressure: 145 psi
Cracking Pressure: 3 psi
Ambient and fluid temperature: -5° to 60°C (No freezing)
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0.05 MPa
Max. operating pressure: 145 psi
Min. operating pressure: 8 psi
Min. pressure differential: 8 psi
Ambient and fluid temperature: –5 to 60°C (No freezing)

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Proximity Switches
HTM Sensors has the lowest pricing on standard proximity sensors and switches with a wide range of specialty sensors, including Long Range, MetalHead™, Weld Field Immune and SpatterGuard™ series. Popular models are listed, contact us for pricing on other models or features.
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