SMC NAS Series In-Line Flow Controls

SMC NAS Series In-Line Flow Controls Image

Flow Controls with One-Touch Fittings

Using SMC speed controllers with built in one-touch fittings minimizes installation time, reduces mounting height and enables a more compact machine design. These speed controllers allow the body to be rotated to facilitate simple installation. Available in thread sizes from M3 to 1/2 in both inch (NPT) and metric R(PT) and with tube sizes from 3.2mm to 12mm OD (metric) and 1/8 to 1/2 OD (inch) and with optional elbow and universal style (increased flexibility) and meter in and meter out, these flow controls are designed to meet most applications.

SMC NAS Series In-Line Flow Controls
NAS1001F-01 Image

Flow Control 1/8" Tube

NAS2001F-03 Image

Flow Control 5/32" Tube

NAS2051F-05 Image

Flow Control 3/16" Tube

NAS3001F-07 Image

Flow Control 1/4" Tube

NAS3001F-09 Image

Flow Control 5/16" Tube

NAS4001F-11 Image

Flow Control 3.8" Tube

NAS4001F-13 Image

Flow Control 1/2" Tube