18mm Inductive Prox

18mm Inductive Prox Image
Extended Range DC Inductive Proximity Sensors

Increased Sensing Range
With a sensing range that exceeds standard proximity sensors by a factor of 150% to 200%, these sensors can be mounted at a safer distance, reducing the risk of breakage.

Built-in short circuit, surge suppression and reverse polarity protection features are incorporated. All of our sensors conform to EMC standards and have an IP67 environmental protection rating.

LEDs Visible from All Directions
4-view LED windows around the barrel of quick-connect models and a highly visible LED built-in to the strain-relief cable connection of our pre-wired models allow for 360° visibility.

High Torque Barrel
High torque barrel wrench flats at the base of the sensor barrel allow for easier mounting . The thicker barrel is stronger and resists breakage due to overtightening.
18mm Inductive Prox
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18mm PNP Inductive Proximity Switch

OCN1-1808N-ARS4 Image

18mm NPN Inductive Proximity Switch