1/8" Lever Operated Valves

1/8" Lever Operated Valves Image

1/8" Ported Lever Operated Valves

3-way/2-position, 5-way/2-position and 5-way/3-position
Ports 1/8” NPTF

The Series 1 manual valves (1/8”, 3-way/2-position and 5-way/2-position) and the Series 3 manual valves (1/8”, 3-way/2-position, 5-way/2-position and 5-way/3-position) are available with actuators designed to satisfy different needs. For series 3, the 3-way/2-position valves are normally closed when P is the inlet; they can also be normally openwhen R is the inlet. They can be operated with vacuum down to -.9 bar (28" Hg).
Additionally, the series 3 valves can be supplied with 2 different pressures into ports 3 and 5 if a cylinder requires different extend and retract forces. The series 1 valves offer a more rugged, compact design with steel operator interfaces.
1/8" Lever Operated Valves
338-900TF Image

1/8" Lever Operated 3-way Spool Valve

338-905TF Image

1/8" Lever Operated, Spring Return, 3-way Spool Valve

358-900TF Image

1/8" Lever Operated 4-way Spool Valve

358-905TF Image

1/8" Lever Operated, Spring Return 4-way Spool Valve

368-900TF Image

1/8" Lever Op. 3-Pos, 4-way Spool Valve

368-905TF Image

1/8" Lever Op. 3-Pos. Spring Return 4-way Spool Valve

378-900TF Image

1/8" Lever Op. 3-Pos, 4-way Spool Valve

378-905TF Image

1/8" Lever Op. 3-Pos. Spring Return 4-way Spool Valve

338-990TF Image

1/8" Toggle Sw Lever 3-way Spool Valve

358-990TF Image

1/8" Toggle Sw. Operated 4-way Spool Valve