3-finger Centric Grippers

3-finger Centric Grippers Image

The 3-finger centric gripper Mod. CGC is available in 5 different sizes. Significant for Mod. CGC is the compact design that allows the combination of a high gripping force and long stroke. The piston is equipped with permanent magnet for the use of magnetic proximity switches. The proximity switches can be inserted in the U-shaped grooves on the body in order to detect whether the gripper is in an open or closed position.
3-finger Centric Grippers
CGC-050 Image

32mm Bore Centric Gripper

CGC-064 Image

45mm Bore Centric Gripper

CGC-080 Image

58mm Bore Centric Gripper

CGC-100 Image

77mm Bore Centric Gripper

CGC-125 Image

98mm Bore Centric Gripper