SMC Lockout/Tagout Valves

SMC Lockout/Tagout Valves Image

Shutoff Valves (Lockout / Tagout)

Conform to OSHA requirements

Three Port Valve Relieves downstream pressure.

Lockable in the closed position.

OSHA standard (Occupational Safety and Health Administration Department of Labor)
For safety control, OSHA rule requires energy sources for certain equipment be turned off or disconnected and that the device either be locked or labeled with a warning tag.
SMC Lockout/Tagout Valves
VHS20-N01-Z Image

Lockout Valve with 1/8" NPT ports

VHS20-N02-Z Image

Lockout Valve with 1/4" NPT ports

VHS30-N03-Z Image

Lockout Valve with 3/8" NPT ports

VHS40-N04-Z Image

Lockout Valve with 1/2" NPT ports

VHS50-N06-Z Image

Lockout Valve with 3/4" NPT ports

VHS50-N10-Z Image

Lockout Valve with 1" NPT ports